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Biography and Qualifications

Born and raised in Arcata, California, I attended Arcata schools through graduating Humboldt State University with my Bachelors of Arts in French Language and Postcolonial African Studies, during which I spent a semester abroad in Dakar, Senegal. After graduating, I continued my professional career as the production manager for our local grocery cooperative, Northcoast Co-op, bakeries. After 8 years as a professional baker, I started my own custom dessert business, with which I won a local business plan competition, Economic Fuel.

After making the tough decision to close my business, I chose to further develop my professional career by becoming the Human Resources Manager of HealthSPORT, a local chain of health clubs. In 2014 I continued my professional career in Human Resources until I made the decision to return to school for Environmental Resources Engineering in the latter part of 2015.

I own my home in McKinleyville, California where I live with my rescue dog, Billie. In my free time I enjoy outdoor recreation, gardening, and reading fiction.


Willow Creek

Willow Creek, Humboldt County. Photo taken 2014 from CA Highway 299 east of the town of Willow Creek, CA.

Having grown up in Humboldt County, our local watesheds are important to me. I enjoy them recreationally as well as the balance they provide to our local ecosystem. Our local water supplies also provide water for our viticultural areas, supporting farms and gardens. Through environmental resources engineering, I hope to design ways to protect our water resources for generations to come.