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I was born in Torrance, California but have lived in North Carolina and New Jersey. I have 2 brothers with autism which has taken up most of my time the past 18 years. I was forced to become more mature for my age so i could take care of myself and my brothers to give my parents a few less things to have to constantly worry about. Its been a challenge but has made me the person I am today. I worked a pizza place called Lamppost Pizza for the past year which was a great learning experience. I also made some life long friends that I am eternally grateful for. My goal going in was to save as much money as possible before coming to Humboldt State. I did that and learned so many more lessons I never thought I would.

Goals at HSU

My main goal at HSU is to have fun while also setting myself up to be succesful in the future. This is the time for me to get away from home and find out who I am and what I like to do instead of always worrying about others.