Phyllis Zweig Chinn is Professor of Mathematics at Humboldt State University and Co-Director with Dale Oliver of RAMP (Redwood Area Mathematics Project) an in-service project for K-12 teachers, and Project PROMPT (Professors Rethinking Options in Mathematics for Prospective Teachers) an NSF-funded project for coll ege and university faculty members who teach math content courses to preservice K-8 teachers. Her research interests include graph theory, improving mathematics teaching at all levels especially for prospective teachers, combinato rics, and women in mathematics and science. She is particularly interested in using manipulatives to motivate mathematical explorations. She was selected as Outstanding Professor at Humboldt State University for 1989-90. She is a lso an avid juggler and is faculty adviser to the Humboldt State University
Courses she teaches include mathematics content courses for preservice teachers, geometry, discrete math, and graph theory. The graph theory class is taught using a discovery approach to teaching. The remaining classes all include some use of small groups and mathematical manipulatives.

A vita for Dr. Chinn.
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New- A Mathematical Moment in Music

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