Poster "Follow Your Passion"

Good history teachers..

  1. Are passionate about history and about teaching history.
  2. Use the tools of historians, especially primary documents, historiography, and debate. 
  3. Know and question historical interpretation and eagerly embrace controversy.
  4. Understand and use the social sciences in their classrooms - geography, political science, sociology, as well as music and art.
  5. Are life long learners and active myth busters, search for new research and resources to enliven their classroom discussions, and embrace new technologies.
  6. Make history relevant by making connections between the past and the present. 
  7. Understand the importance of chronological understanding.
  8. Celebrate diversity, model democracy, and often teach for social justice
  9. Do not read the ending of a story into the beginning, but rather, explore the story in real time.
  10. Are storytellers who who use carefully crafted big picture themes to emphasize their story.