Dr. Gayle Olson-Raymer

Office: Founder's Hall, 147

As of December 31, 2014, I retired from full-time teaching at HSU. While the websites for History 110 and History 111 are still available by clicking below, they will no longer be updated.

During fall semester 2015, I will be returning to teach the following two courses. The websites for each will be updated beginning August 2015.

My other extensive website, American Indian Issues: An Introductory and Curricular Guide for Educators, is still available online at http://americanindiantah.com/. However, it is no longer regularly maintained.

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Background: I taught at HSU for over 20 years in both the History and Education departments. Currently, I am a Faculty Associate in the History Department. I will be returning to teach History 383 and History 420 in Fall, 2015.

As of Fall 2014, the new advisor to the SSSE major is Professor Paul Geck who may be reached at pjg13@humboldt.edu