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Who Am I?

Born in Cupertino, raised in Santa Rosa and now living in Arcata, Nick has currently been learning the ways of life for a full two decades. In this time he has come to form a unique bond with the world in which we all live through realizing Earth and all it encompasses is a direct life support to all humans. Concerned with the increasingly rapid destruction of this life support, Nick decided to dedicate his life to helping reshape the unsustainable ways in which we live today. Presently in his third year of college and an Environmental Science major at Humboldt State University, Nick looks forward to the plethora of opportunities available to him in this wonderful part of the world.

In his personal life, Nick enjoys experiencing and getting to know things that intriuge him. Music is a huge inspiration to him and, although he is not a musician himself, he enjoys hearing all the brialliant combinations of sound people around the world are able to create. To get his mind off everything for a bit, Nick likes to engage in all forms of longboard riding. Being the social animal we all are, Nick enjoys spending time with close friends as well as going out to large public events.

What I Have Done and Plan To Do

While living in Santa Rosa, Nick attented the local Junior College for two years before graduating with both an Associates of Science degree in Natural Sciences and an Associates of Arts degree in Behavioral Science. On track to graduate with a Bachelors degree from Humboldt State, Nick plans to use this and the skills he learned throughout school to find an occupation relating to developing and implementing sustainable forms of energy not only in the Unites States, but all over the world.