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I was born in El Salvador, a small country in Central America on October 9, 1991. I lived half of my life there with my sister and my mother. While in El Salvador I attended a Catholic School. At the age of ten I arrived at LAX airport and was greeted by my aunt and my grandmother. I attended middle school, and high school in the Los Angeles area. Near the end of middle school, our family moved to a house in South LA where we have been living for quite a while. Most of my experiences in the US have been around urban areas. The environment I lived in encourage me to take action. Therefore I decided to volunteer in community clean-up, beach clean-up, and other community centers. After graduating from Animo Justice Charter High School I decided to attend Humboldt State University. Even thought Humboldt has been a new experience for me in different levels I am glad I made the decision to come here.


I have several different areas of interest. Those areas are sports, art, academic, and nature. I am active person and my favorite sport is soccer. The reason I enjoy playing soccer is because it's a sport where you have to use your teammates' skills and your own to win. Other activities are rock climbing, snowboarding, and running. I have been told that I am a very artistic person because I am always drawing or doing other art related activities. It has become part of my life style and I am always open to new ideas or concepts of art. I also believe that science and math have their own form of art. In academics I am a fan of math and science. Nature is part of life I enjoy the most because it is the purest form of life. One of my biggest interests in Engineering is Wind turbines. My grandmother and I would always see a field full of them when we would travel to Palm Springs. Every time we would cross that field I would be amazed at the giant fan looking like wind turbines. Those wind turbines sparked a special interest in me about the area of engineering.