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My name is Nicole Kristine Bruns, and I am currently an Environmental Resources Engineering major while also minoring in Mathematics. I was born in Boise, Idaho but moved to Folsom, California in 2002 when I was seven years old. I have always favored taking science classes in school, and I like researching topics that deal with environmental and sustainability issues. I spent much of my childhood playing sports. I was fully committed to playing softball since the sixth grade, but I have participated in volleyball, lacrosse, and track and field. Playing sports was similar to having a part-time job; I spent a majority of my time outside of school practicing or competing. My family has a big influence on me. I grew up with my mother, and two brothers. Both of my brothers are incredibly gifted in mathematics, which has led me to want to study something that dealt with either math or science. The two of them have inspired me to want to take up a major that incorporated those two fields of study, which helped me in deciding to become an engineer.

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