My Interests

As an incoming student to the Environmental Resource Program, some of my interests include:

Environmental Resources Engineering Website

Green Living

Organic Farming





About Me

My name is Nikole Ilse and I am a 24 year old student at Humboldt State University. I am currently majoring in Chemistry, with a minor in Environmental Resource Engineering. I chose to transfer to Humboldt State because of its reputation as an environmentally friendly school, and its close proximity to so many scenic areas.  I chose Environmental Resource Engineering as my minor because I want to help create and integrate more readily renewable energy methods that are safer for our environment. I hope that my generation can help to inspire the next to be more conscientious of our actions and their effects on our environment. Photo of Nikole Ilse

Work Experience

I have been working while going to school over the past few years and it has definitely taught me some very valuable skills. My current job at Sears has reinforced the idea to plan before building something to make sure that you have adequate space for both the object you are building and anything that may have to go on it. Having worked in a few different positions over the last 5 years, I feel that I can readily adapt to any situation. I have a strong attention to detail and I have no problem speaking in front of groups of people. My time management skills have probably been my biggest area of growth, as I no longer procrastinate as I once did so effortlessly. I am excited to see where this class takes me, and the rest of my fellow students.