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Hello, my name is Noah Edwards, though I tend to go by Zeke.

I am a junior level transfer student attending Humboldt State University, and my field of study is environmental resources engineering and I hope to study with an emphasis in energy.

Currently, I work as a Scientific Aid with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and have been involved in projects involving the monitoring of populations of fish, namely Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Trout (among others), on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers.

I grew up in Humboldt County and as such have been interested since a young age in the environment around me, ranging in scope from water rights issues to sustainable design and natural resource degradation prevention.

Ideally I would like to learn more about closed-loop systems as they pertain to sustainable design and eventually enter the field of engineering designing infrastructure renovation to produce green cities.

In my free time I enjoy bicycling, downhill skiing, videogames, programming and enjoying the company of my friends.An Image of the Web Page Author, Me.


Graduated From Arcata High School in 2012

Attended the University of California, Davis for 1 Year

Attended College of the Redwoods for 2 Years,

Entered HSU Fall of 2015, expected graduation 2018

Work Experience

Employed as a Front End Service Representative with Safeway from July 2013 - July 2015

Employed as a Assistant Librarian for the Government Documents Section of the Humboldt State Library June 2015-July 2015

Employed as a Scientific Aid for The Department of Fish and Wildlife August, 2015 - Present