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I am Nancy Charco and this is my second year in Humboldt State University. I am an Environmental Resource Engineer major and my reason for choosing this major was because I would like to work on a project in Mexico. The reason for this specific place is because when I was younger, I would like to go swimming in the Balsas River, near my grandparents’ home. I would like to be there all the time.picture of nancy Recently, I visited my grandparents and found out that I was not allowed to go in the water because it is contaminated. I would really like to make this river to sustainable so everyone in that community can enjoy it again as I once did. Hopefully this goal will be accomplished when or while being at Humboldt State University. Having this said I am a bit far away from home. I am from the City Santa Ana, or for those who do not recognize that city I am part of Orange County. Growing up in this city, I learn to enjoy volunteering because you never know what you may learn while doing so. I have volunteered since I was in Junior High School, mentoring little kids in activities involving Art, Math, and the Environment. Since volunteering was a big part of me while being in Santa Ana I also started volunteering at the Youth Education Services (YES) House here at Humboldt State University. As a Humboldt State University’s student I hope to accomplish many goals but my main one is to have an impact in my community.