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My name is Maxfield Wrigley and I am majoring in Environmental Resources Engineering at Humboldt State University. Growing up I worked for my father in his construction business and gained hands-on experience with building and repairing houses and apartements. With the tools provided to me through my father's work I was able to build and conduct many school projects pertaining to sun and its use as an energy resource. Before starting school this fall I participated in a program called Klamath Connection that has given me a chance to study blue-green algae in the Klamath river and will provide me with more opportunities such as this in the near future. As of right now I am embarking upon a new journey and have not done much that is related to my major, but I hope to remedy this soon. Along with my studies, I hope to get an internship my junior or senior year pertaining to solar or wind energy. Wind energy in particular interests me because not only is it a great source of energy, but that there is not a strong drive for wind energy and I want to help show its potential.

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