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Matt's Biography

Matt Wardynski is a first time freshman at Humboldt State University pursuing a degree in Environmental Resources Engineering and a minor in Music. As an avid learner, Matt has been interested in the sciences for many years and is looking forward to getting a degree in engineering. He has also been playing clarinet for a number of years and is well known in the music community. Because Matt grew up in Humboldt, he has always felt an appreciation for the natural resources available in the area, so studying Environmental Resources Engineering only seems appropriate for him. The week before he started school at Humboldt State, he participated in the Klamath Connection Program, which is an immersion program for HSU students that are majoring in any of the environmental sciences. In the program, Matt found it interesting to learn about the Klamath and different renewable energies such as fuel cells and solar panels. He is not currently in any clubs in the ERE program, but he hopes to join clubs and pursue internships later during his time at Humboldt State University.

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