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Hi my name it Matthew Small. I was born and raised in Eureka my entire life. I am a currently enrolled at Humboldt State University attempting to earn a degree in environmental resource engineering. One of the main reasons why I choose this field is beacuse of the time I spent in the Boy Scouts of America. As a result I spent a lot of time out doors, primairly backpacking which is one of my favourite activities to do during the summer,and I gained great respect for nature and the out doors. While in Boy Scouts I achieved the highest honour of Ealge Scout and traveled to many places such as the Seirras and mount lassen. I went on four backpacking trips called "fifty milers" where we would spend a week or more backpacking and climbing mountains, the most notable of these is Mount Whitney. Another activity I enjoy to do is to play the trumpet. I have played the trumpet since fifth grade and was frist chair for four years in both of the Eureka High School's symphonic band and jazz ensamble.