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Personal Bio

I went to El Dorado High School for four years and graduated in May of 2015. I now attend Humboldt State University and am currently a freshman pursuing a Bachelor`s of Science degree in Environmental Resources Engineering. I plan to graduate in May of 2019 and after graduation, I hope to work with renewable energy, specifically with hydropower and solar and wind energy. I made the Dean`s List in the semester of Fall 2015. I am a member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) club as well as a member of the Engineers without Borders (EWB) club. A goal that I wish to achieve as an environmental resources engineer is to help people and the environment live together in a clean and sustainable way.

Volunteer Expierence

Over the course of my four years in high school, I have completed over three hundred hours of community service. Some of the organizations that I have volunteered through are: St. Patrick`s Youth Group, El Dorado High School Natural Resources Program, The Mother Theresa Maternity Home, Special Olympics swimming divison and The Knights of Columbus. I am also a Girl Scout and I have been one for fourteen years. I am very proud of that.