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Profile PictureI grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey before relocating to California to continue to pursue my academic goals. Growing up I enjoyed being hands on and was always inquisitive into the workings of my surroundings. I distinctly remember working on several home improvement projects with my grandfather and father where I enjoyed all the technical aspects of what was involved. My passions led me to be involved with animals at the veterinary level intrigued by the intricate biological and pathological workings of the body. They also led me to the great outdoors where I began to appreciate the delicate balance between all the ecological systems. My desire to preserve the beauty that naturally exists while creating a world in which humans can sustainably coexist is what led me to environmental resource engineering. I am particularly interested in utilizing sustainable naturally occurring processes to benefit society and eliminate currently existing environmentally costly practices.


I have extensive experience in the veterinary industry exposing me to various medical equipment and laboratory procedures. There is great cross over between the veterinary and medical communities and significant room for improvement in making the industry more eco-friendly. Furthermore, as an avid outdoors woman, I am comfortable working in the field under a variety of conditions.