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Picture of Matthew JohnsonHey! My name is Matthew Johnson. I grew up in Petaluma, CA. I've spent most of my time living around the greater San Francisco Bay Area.One particular interest of mine is football. I was privleged enough to play a little college ball, and I understand football as a highly organized form of warfare. The sport is the ultimate testament to teamwork, sacrifice, will power, and courage.

Initally out of High School I wanted to study Kinesiology. After bouncing around a few schools I decided it wasn't the field for me, and my sights turned to Humboldt's unique engineering program. Engineering runs in my family. My grand-father went to UC Berkely and exited a Civil Engineer. My father is a drafter, and my uncle was an architect. My dad gave me a lot of legos as a kid, I think that might have to do with the field choice.

I am stoked about the ERE program! Everybody seems really cool, and I think the next few years will be an amazing experience. My specific interests right now are with water resources, and energy. A couple reasons for choosing the program are the fact that is so unique, I feel I'll get a fantastic experience out of it. Another is the opportunity for a good job upon graduation. Lastly, I truly feel this program will give me the greatest chance to go out into the world as a citizen and make a difference.

I love Humboldt county, and I am falling in more in love each day.