Litta Jackson Graphic Designer and Illustrator

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I think of my art as my own universe. Much like how DC Comics has the Multi-Universe, with each new artist that comes along for a character like Superman, who’s been around since the Depression, and create a concept, a comic, a story from this character through their own art style is brilliant. We’ve seen it in other publictions such as Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. This was published with it’s own illustrations for the first time in 1885, and yet has been republished over and over again each with a new illustrator, each the same word for word publication Lewis Caroll wrote over 100 years ago, and yet it’s a different story because of each artist’s own interprettation of the story.

My art is my own interpretation of the world, my universe. There’s a story there despite it not being told quite yet. Each piece a glimse into my mind. With each piece there’s something to say, there’s somewhere it came from and there’s somewhere it’s going. I leave that interpretation up to my audience.