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2002 Klamath River Fish Kill

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My name is Maria Angelica Garcia and I am currently working towards my bachelor's degree in Environmental Resources Engineering (ERE) at Humboldt State University. I grew up in a very outdoors focused family that loved to get outside and explore; I have always felt very connected with nature, which is why I chose ERE as my field of study. Upon my arrival at HSU I was welcomed into a program called the Klamath Connection, which took myself and group of other S.T.E.M majors and gave us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in our prospect fields. We spent a few days studying the Klamath River, doing water quality experiments, and discussing the tragic fish kill of 2002. This helped give each of us an insight to the type of work our field will entail. As to date, I am very new to the field and look forward to getting involved in my university's engineering clubs because I am excited to build a network with my fellow engineers. In addition to investigating different clubs, I am also seeking internships that will help broaden my experience as an environmental resources engineer.

Examples in ERE: Harvesting solar energy using a solar PV system to power necessities.

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