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picture of web authorI was born in Long Beach, California, but raise in east Los Angeles. I am the youngest child and the first to attend college in my family. I am curently Humboldt State University and looking into becoming an ERE major (Environmenta Resources Engineering). Coming to humboldt, was a completely different world compared to my home east los angeles. I went for a city to a nice small town. I go by Buddha, it was a nickname i got from close friends when I first started college. My pasion is music and dance, I use to play accordian as a child and now I am trying to learn drums or bass guitar. I love all kinds of music, i have an open mind, but the ones I stick with and what i grew up with is rock & roll, 50's, oldies, and 80's and of course mexican music.As for dancing, I am a dancer, I use to be a choreographer for sweet sixteens and I am also an Aztec dancer. I can pretty much dance anything. I also like to run, i use to be a cross country/ track runner, so i like to walk/run when stressed or when trying to stay in shape. I love boots and my favorite color is crimson. I like vintage clothing anything from 1920's- 1980's. I like photography, nature, philosophy, animals, and tattoos. I meditate every now and then not as before, that is how i got my nickname. If i were to categorize my stil I will make a mix with greaser/punk/hippy/aztec.