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About Merissa

Photo of Merissa Coello I am an individual who is very passionate about my natural environment and all species I share it with. I come from a farm town which is turning into a small city. The Petaluma Wildlife and Natural Science Museum is on the campus of the high school I attended which is where I spent a majority of my high school career. This was the environment that enlightened me to work together with my society to bring change to our modern world. I presented tours to the public about the taxidermy and live animal collections. To see the joy and excitement young generations had learning about interesting facts that continue to amaze me was the fact of the museum that inspired me the most. I came to HSU to continue working hard towards the goal of living in a society where we respect and value all types of life and systems we are surrounded with. I am presuing a major in the ERE program since I was having trouble deciding which element of life I wished to dedicate my life to saving, and I felt being an Environment Engineer would give me the ability to help many different aspects in life.