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Hello, my name is Matt Kuljis.I'm 19 years old and was born and raised in San Pedro, California, which is a town located on the coastline of southern Los Angeles. I am currently a sophomore at HSU and moved up here in August of 2013. My major is Environmental Resource Engineering.

In my spare time my favorite activities are skateboarding and swimming in the ocean. I also do a bit of surfing and boogyboarding. Some other things I enjoy doing, especially up here, are exploring the forest, camping, going to the beach, and hanging out with my friends.

Work Experience

The first real job that I had was a paid internship over the summer of 2013. I worked in Downtown Los Angeles at a company called Analytic Investors, a business that manages very large funds and invests them for people in hopes of making a return for both the company and investor. My internship consisted of filing paperwork for the company, as well as preparing and labeling paperwork for storage, logging each box and its contents onto a computer. Another job that I had last summer was working at my dad's company, City Industrial Tool & Die, in a stamping facility. Here I was a machine operator, taking raw sheets of metal and loading them into a press, which stamped the part into a shape or punched holes in it. The presses ran multipal operations on parts until the finished product was made.