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profile pictureHi, my name is Michelle Aldrete and I am currently a freshman in the Environmental Resources Engineering program attending Humboldt State University. Until Humboldt I have spent my whole life under the same roof in Arcadia, California. I attendant Rio Hondo Elementary and received my diploma from Arroyo High School. Growing up I participated in sports, from that I gained skills such as participation, leaderships, communication, and teamwork. I believe these skills will be very effective in the ERE program. From faculty and students I heard there are many group projects in this department that will allow me to apply these skills often and effectively. Some job experience I have gained over the years came from volunteering. I have volunteered in many fields such as renovating and working at a local snack bar, boxing food at a food bank located in Los Angeles, and participating in the cleaning of my community after a very disastrous wind storm. From these job experiences I gained responsibility, hard work, teamwork, and the most important communication and people skills from young to old. I hope to one day graduate from the Environmental Resources Engineering program and to use my skills and job experience in what I encounter.