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My name is Kyle Sipes and I grew up in the City of Oxnard, CA. I came to Humboldt State University after graduating high school in 2010 with the intention of gaining an Environmental Resources Engineering degree. After many years, this goal was accomplished. After graduating I worked as an energy efficiency intern for the Redwood Coast Energy Authority who I still work with on occasion for outreach events such as BIGFOOT DAYS in Willow Creek. I am currently working towards a Master's Degree in Environmental Systems with a focus in Environmental Resources Engineering. I am working on a pilot study of sludge bio-dredging at the Arcata Wastewater Treatment Plant using Blue Frog devices from Absolute Aeration. Away from the academic world, I enjoy partcipating with Nature in various ways. Mushroom huntiong is a major hobby and the field of mycology is a fascination. Playing bluegrass and having a few beers with friends are high on the list as well.


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