Solar Power

Solar studies have always interested me due to the amount of innovation that goes into making them work. I find it all very interesting and I would love to have my own some day!

Cleaner Cars

I have a passion for the automotive world as well, I have dreams of creating clean burning fuel for our Earth. I can combine my passion and my engineering skills to benefit the world.




Hello! My name is Kyle Ebert and I was born in the city of Arlington, Virginia. Through my 18 years of life experience, I have made my way into Humboldt State University as a freshman to pursure getting a major as an Environmental Resource Engineer. I got the inspiration to study environmentally from my father who was the head vice president of a consulting company for reducing emissions. My past experiences include working in a pizza shop for a 13 months and fixing cars with my friends for my personal benefit whenever the opprotunity may arise. I have always had a passion for the outdoors and nature, which is what led me to Humboldt State. Currently, I am seeking an internship that would lead to a full- time job in the Environmental studies field for engineering.

Past Education:

Sample Documents from my 215 Intro to Design class:

Sample Problem Analysis Memo

This is a memo about weighted criteria for a green screen design project I took part in.

Semester Timesheet

This is a sample timesheet from my entire 215 design semester including assignments and projects.

AutoCAD Sample

This is a sample AutoCAD file of a house that I created.

Project Planning

This is a project planning software that I used to stay organized with my group.

Final Project Document

Here is a PDF of a semester long document that was the green screen project I took part in.