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Komal (Also known as Koko)'s Biography:

My name is Komal Ram, and I also go by Koko. I am an environmental science major with an emphasis on renewable energy. I am also a transfer student originally from Orange Coast College in southern California. I look forward to completing my bachelor's degree and entering the workforce full-time by researching and assisting in combatting climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and the negative consequences of reliance on non-renewable energy sources. I have lived in Humboldt county for over a year now and feel very fortunate to be able to study here. I have work experience in childcare, behavior therapy, and graphic design. I intend to use my background in various fields as a means to help me better communicate scientific information in a manner that is easy to understand to all. I believe that the world can be a good place and that it is up to all of us to make it so.

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Future Environmental Scientist:

Ms. Komal Ram