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Born and raised in Southern California, I spent a lot of time outside playing sports with my friends. I always did well in school, but I never imagined that I was capable of understanding science. Not until one summer in high school where I was given the opportunity to intern at the California Institute of Technology. Since that summer, my interest in math, science, and engineering began to blossom. However, it wasn't until after high school that I decided I wanted to be an engineer. I spent the majority of 4 years in community college trying to reach the calculus and physics classes required for engineering students, and was met with dissapointment. I didn't quite know how to be an engineering student, and by the time I figured out, the damage to my GPA and confidence had already been done. Dissapointed, but still fiercly determined to reach my goals, I set out to prove I had what it takes to be a good student. After years of hard work, setbacks, and juggling part times jobs, I had finally met a semester GPA of 3.0 taking all STEM classes. Fueled by a new confidence and attitude, I am eager to continue my education and journey to becoming an engineer at Humboldt State University.

Major: Environmental Resources Engineering

Colleges Attended:

College of the Canyons (2012-2016)

Associates Science in Mathematics

Associates Science in Physics

Humboldt State University (2017- )

Last Updated: 2/24/17