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Originally from Southern California, my current journey began in the summer of 2010 at the California Institute of Technology where I was given an amazing internship opportunity. Since that summer, a new world of possibilities has been slowly emerging before me. During my time in community college was where my passion for math, science, and engineering truly began to blossom. Coupled with my love and appreciation for nature, I was naturally inclined to seek the knowledge and skills necessary to help restore and manage the environment and our resources. My search for these skills has led me to Humboldt State University, where I am currently pursuing a bachelors in Environmental Resources Engineering. It is my hope that one day I will be able to influence people all across the world to act as one in an effort to create a thriving society while still ensuring the health and future of our environment.

Major: Environmental Resources Engineering

Colleges Attended:

College of the Canyons (2012-2016)

Associates Science in Mathematics

Associates Science in Physics

Humboldt State University (2017-present)

Last Updated: 5/5/17