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About Me

I am a student majoring in Environmental Resource Engineer at Humboldt State University. Humboldt State University offers a great Engineering program which really veered me to becoming an engineer major. This program offers us to build skills in writing, communication, team work, math skills, creativity and computer skills. I consider these are important skills to be comfortably skilled at in the professional biosphere. I have a desire to do well in this program and strive to become a skilled Environmental Resource Engineer in the future. Besides my academic goals, I have a few interests that I enjoy practicing along with school. I enjoy traveling, Hiking, Kayaking, Volunteering and cooking. These are interest of mine that I enjoy doing when I have free time from school.

Work Experience

I have volunteer experiences, working alongside with Engineers. I volunteered my time during the summer of 2014 to Caltrans District 10. I was able to attain field experience. This gave me the opportunity to understand what environmental engineers do.I enjoyed my time volunteering at Caltrans.