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Biography (Updated)

My name is Kaitlynn De Ville and at the moment I am currently majoring in Environmental Engineering with no minor at the moment. I attend Humboldt State University and have also attended College of the Canyons community college during the summer of my junior year of high school. My attendance at College of the canyons was very short due to the fact that it was a summer class and I only took one class at that university. Humboldt State University is the school I currently attend and it has been very difficult adjusting to the people and the area. I had brief experience with the engineering major at Humboldt state university with the course Intro into Environmental Engineering where I was able to learn more about Water quality, Waste, and Air Pollution.  I am a dedicated student who loves to extend a helping hand to anyone who needs it and also a person that will not likely give up on a dream.