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Having been with HSU since 1979, Dr. Chu’s interests are as numerous as they are diverse. However, it can be accurately said that his one true passion has always been the development of an easier way for people to learn the written Chinese language. Beginning his work about thirty years ago, Dr. Chu has studied the etymology of Chinese characters and linguistics, worked with the ICAI (Intelligent Computer Aided Instruction) on personalized learning, and – through research at both UC Berkeley and Humboldt State – driven an ongoing project to form a hierarchical structure of Chinese orthography with applications to information technology and continued education. Dr. Chu also harbors interest in the cognitive aspects of learning that may enhance both creativity and productivity, and he enjoys helping language teachers in any way he can via the Information Superhighway. Dr. Chu is also Director of the Institute of Emerging Technologies and Learning right here at Humboldt State University.



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Telephone (707) 826-4203