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My name is Kathleen Madrid, I am currently attending Humboldt State University in hopes to graduate with an Environmental Resources Engineering degree. My hometown is a small suburban area southeast of Los Angeles called Whittier.Ever since I was a child, engineereing always appealed to me because of the methods I can use to contribute to the real world. As a starting freshman at Humboldt State, I have not gained much experience in the field, however, I am looking forward to the opportunities that will come my way as I progress as a student and potentiol ERE employee. Coming into college, I am a part of the Klamath Connection Program and these first few months have made me incredibly glad that I joined the program. With the large community of engineering students, with the addition of the other science majors on campus, it has made the beginning of my college experience a lot less intimidating. One thing I want employers to notice about me is my work ethic and the drive I have to pursue my career in contributing to the sustainabilty of environmental complications.