Jacob Turner's Email

Professional Resume

Technical Writing:

  1. Wastewater Trip Memo
  2. CCAT/SERC Trip Memo

Technical Analysis:

  1. Population Dynamics of London
  2. Analysis of Indoor Air Quality
  3. Analysis of Fuel Cell
  4. Dawn of the Differential Equations
  5. Pool Table Design Project



Jacob D. Turner

My name is Jacob Turner I was born and raised in Humboldt County, CA. Growing up in this area has allowed me to foster a love and curiousity for nature and the outside world. I have explored this curiousity through activites such as hiking, traveling, and studying. I am currently a manager at the Target in Eureka, which I have been employed at for the past three years. My major is Environmental Resources Engineering and I am planning on minoring in Business or Business management with a focus in energy. While working at Target full time I have been attending College of the Redwoods. For the past couple of years I have been working towards transferring to HSU as an ERE major which is where I am currently furthering my education.

Work Experience

I began working at Target in September of 2013 as a cashier while I started at College of the Redwoods. I had originally applied to Target firstly, because I knew it would involve learning an area out of my comfort zone (people). Secondly, I am interested in business and leadership and knew this would be good entry level position that I could utilize as a stepping stone to further develop myself on a professional level. Thirdly, I simply liked the color red. However, I quickly learned new skills (people and various others) and cross trained in other workcenters and within 9 months was promoted to a supervisor of the Front End department (cash registers). After further developing my people and leadership skills from the supervisor position about another year later I interviewed for a full time managerial Team Lead position, which I have learned a tremendous amount from since (almost two years later).