Some Interesting Links

Biochemistry & Biotechnology

 Organic Chemistry


Web Resources for Protein Scientists

Biotechnology Resources



Smells Database

Introduction to Organic Nomenclalture

NIST WebBook

Molecular Images and Modeling



Protein Data Bank 

Protein Science

The Official Kinemage Homepage (Mage 5.4 Software)

Download Mage 5.4 for Win95

Getting RasMol/UMass Amherst

Image Library of Biological Molecules

C4: Computers in Chemistry at Cabrillo College

 ExPASy Molecular Biology WWW Server


National Center for Biotechnology Information

Pharmaceutical Chemistry 



 Getting & Installing RasMol

Get Chemscape Chime



  Protein Data Bank (PDB)

 1000+ Molecular Models in .pdb Format

  PharmInfoNet Drug Database

 OLCC Web Board

 NSAIDS and Piroxicam Links


 Other Links


Vermont SIRI MSDS Collection
NSF REU Summer Internships


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