Enviromental Engineering

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photo of Joseph Trejo I'm nine-teen years old

I'm the oldest of five kids

Lives in Redondo Beach, California

Graduated from Redondo Union High School

Currently a HSU freshman

Currently majoring in Environmental Resources Engineering

Hobbies are fishing, planting, watching movies, playing video games, camping and chess.

Engineering Intrests

I'm intrested in resource engineering because I want to help and be a part of the solution to the world's energy crisis. I haven't really got any personal experience with engineering but I have always been strong on my math and science classes and I am currently on the right track and taking the classes required for the major. What really got me pulled into this major over the others was when navy recruits came to my high school and gave a really intresting powerpoint about nuclear energy and a recent senior project I did about the helium shortage. Not only do I find it exciting but it helps man kind and I like to be a part of that. So my current intrests in resource engeneering are nuclear power, hydro-electric power, toxins, pollution/by-products, extreme heat and cold, and lightning or electricity in general if these subjects are provided.