photo: Joe Szewczak















Echoes of the Night
April 22, 23, 24 2004 Van Duzer Theater, Humboldt State University,
and presented at the 2004 American College Dance Festival

Choreography: Sharon Butcher* and dancers
Music: "Echoes of the Night" composed by Brian Post, incorporating bat calls recorded by Joe Szewczak with a violin soloist, Cindy Moyer.
Set design: Ivan Hess
Light Design: Greta Schomburg
Costume Design: Charlotte Ruffner
Makeup design: Janet Warren and Elizabeth Foster
Makeup: Yoshihiro Watanabe
Dancers: Silas Knight, Joshua May, Aaron Perlstein, Yoshihiro Watanabe
* Humboldt State University Director of Interdisciplinary Dance Studies

The image above captures the dependency of bats together in the roost, with a one flying out to emerge from the roost into the night. The ghostly image of the wings on dancer Aaron Perlstein results from his arm movement captured using a slow shutter speed on the camera. More information about this performance can be found in this press release.