Joanna Murphy

Jo's Current Course work

Calculus II

Mecanics: Statics

Chemestry II

Intro to Environmental Engineering.

About Me

Joanna "Jo" Murphy is an engineering student in the Department of Environmental Resource Engineering at Humboldt State University, in Arcata, California. Her main interests are in developing drinking water systems for the developing world and in emergency situations.
Her dream job would be working for an organization like Engineers Without Borders or Oxfam International.

In her other life Jo is a professional chef at Folie Douce Restaurant specializing in myriad unique flavors of chutney and ice cream. She is known in some circles as "The Chutney Witch".

She has a keen interest in Spanish Literature, has been to Mexico three times and speaks decent Spanish


Jo was born in Mountain View, California in 1984. She lived in Pasadena, CA, in the shadow of the Rose Bowl till the age of 9. From age 9-18 she lived in Oakland and Berkeley Ca, attending Catholic elementary schools and The College Preparatory School. She has attended several colleges in California. She currently lives in Arcata, California with her husband of 4 years.

Associations Jo Belongs To

University Student's Co-operative Association (now known as BSC)

Society of Women Engineers

National Society of Black Engineers

Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity (Claremont Colleges)

American Academy of Environmental Engineers



Projects Jo has worked on

Flock House Ecodermis