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My name is Jake May, I am 21 years old and it is my first year at HSU. I grew up in California for 19 years, but when I turned 19 I moved across the country to New York City to work and go to school. While there I worked in a few restaurants and music clubs. these jobs taught me how to work well with others, how to solve complex problems under heavy stress, and how to present myself professionally.I know english fluently but working in the back house of a restaurant made my spanish much more proficient. I was accepted into a nice school in Manhattan, but I applied to Humboldt State as a backup, turns out I needed it. When my residency was denied in NY, I knew that I was heading back to California so I packed my bags and came to Arcata. I love the outdoors, playing and learning music, and different cultures. This area seems to be exactly what I was looking for at this point in my life.