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About Me

Photo Of Jose LaraI am an 18 year old student at Humboldt State University. I am originally from Long Beach California which is in Los Angeles County. I love the beach because I always use to go surfing. I also like to go camping because it is something that is very interesting. I believe every time you go out to the forest you get a different experience. I go rock climbing (beginner level) and I love to go rock climbing. Currently I cannot do any sports because I ripped a tendon in each one of my feet so it is hard to walk. Once my feet heal I will be up and out because I can’t wait to get back to climbing and mountain biking. I am interested in engineering because I have been told I am really good with problem solving then I got introduced to engineering in the 10th grade and found that I wanted to go into engineering but didn’t know what exact field. Then I found about Environmental Resource Engineering and I found that I wanted to go into that because I am all for helping the environment. I think at this point I am really interested into solar energy. Stuff like solar panels and different things like that. This summer I am trying to raise money to go to Cambodia for a cultural exchange program with my Ymca.


Techical Background

I have been in the A.C.E. at my high school which is Architecture, Construction and Engineering. That gave me the benefit of doing different engineering projects and I also got to take a few engineering course in high school at Cal State Long Beach. I worked for the Ymca Youth Institute where I worked with kids to show them how to work with different programs on Mac’s such as Photoshop, and other Adobe programs.