About Me

Hello World, My name is James Hillman Lambert and I'm currently an Environmental Engineering Student at Humboldt State University Humboldt.edu. Along with my engineering degree I am also pursuing a minor in the Geographic Information Systems Program also at HSU. Over the duration of my attendance to HSU I have used my GIS/Mapping skills alongside my Engineering skills in several applications including international shipping logistics, Real-estate/Property selection (with environmental analysis) and project design/management. Combined with my experience in third world countries my degree plan is selected to provide the necesary skills in order to keep improving my skill sets and prepare me for the future work force. This website acts as my forum to display current course work and completed projects as my career progresses.


  • H2a Environmental, LTD : Dallas, Tx

    An environmental engineering and geo-sciences firm specializing in complex soil and ground water contamination problems along with remediation services.

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  • Hope Contained, NPO : Haiti Project

    A non-profit gathering of dedicated engineers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and responsible company sponsors convinced that by using creative design, high-tech but low maintenance technologies, and local manufacturing, large numbers of very low cost homes can be manufactured on a global scale using under-utilized shipping containers.

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  • Memnosyne Institute, NPO : Maya Clinc Projcet

    A non-profit institute advocating for indigenous peoples all over the world helping them maintain their identities, cultures, languages and most importantly helping them speak for themselves.

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