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Technical Writing Sample [excel]

Technical Writing Sample



Greetings Programs, my name is Jackson Keechler, and this is my 2nd semester at Humboldt State (freshman). I graduated from the public high school, Sonoma Valley High with AP credits in English Literature and Composition. I was exposed to Engineering early, in the form of an Engineering pathway from sophomore to senior year. Where I was exposed to Solidworks, 3D mapping software, and programming of robotics.

My graduation at SVHS depended on a ‘Senior Project’; a research paper, a project stressing an overall learning curve for the
individual, and the presentation for judges.

I designed and put together a homemade fire pit; firepit sketchstarting with a concrete foundation and an
underground gas line to the concave bowl with a fire
ring infrastructure. I am living at H.S.U. temporarily,
where I plan to further my studies in the summer and
abroad. I plan to achieve a B.S. in Environmental
Resources Engineering, included a minor in

Thanks for paying a visit.