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Hello. I was born in 1996 on November 13th in Weaverville, California. Weaverville is a very, very small town. At the age of three i was diagnosed with type one diabetes, which was a very tough change for my parents; but I wasn't able to realize what was happening to me. Ever since I can remember diabetes has been a part of my life. I was raised on a farm and whenever I went anywhere down south I would get headaches and just be absolutely disgusted by the air. I am now in the Environmental Resource Engineering program at Humboldt State University. You might think that it would be smart to go into chemical engineering and try to find an antidote or cure for diabetes, but that just isn't practical. I know that in Europe they do stem cell transplants that cure people from diabetes, but that also isn't practical because i would have to take multiple pills a day to counter-react the antigens put into my body. I am doing Environmental Resources Engineering because I like helping others. I am very enthusiastic about riding motorcycles and working on anything with an engine.I'm an adrinaline junkie.

Work Experience

I have lots of experience building anything made of wood. For the past six years I have worked with my father on a variety of projects. From outdoor pizza ovens, to all out houses; we have done it all. We mill all of our own wood and we cut all the trees all by ourselves. It is quite amazing what two people can do. I also have a bit of experience in building small engines and working on trucks. My dad is a do it yourself kind of guy so I have done a lot of mechanical work.