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About Me

Photo of Joseph CaminitiI live in a small town about 40 minutes south of Humboldt State University called Rio Dell. Growing up, I always wondered how I could leave a mark in the world. During my high school career, we took a tour of HSU and visited with some of the Environmental Engineering Instructors. What they said really peaked my interest, so I started looking into the Environmental Engineering program. Once I did a little research, I was hooked, which is why I chose to come to HSU to pursue an Environmental Engineering degree with a specific interest in solar panels. I hope to use my degree to solve energy and water issues for third world countries around the globe.

Volunteer Experience

Although my steady job is at a small place called Ferndale Pizza Co., I have done much volunteer work for the environment. At my high school, I volunteered as a member of the Fortuna Creeks Project for three years, one of which was spent as the president. The group does many environmentally friendly activities, such as tree plantings, creek clean-ups, and water quality testing. Through my three years with the club, I put in well over 100 hours of volunteer service for the community.