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The Most Amazing Guy In The WorldI was born in Berkeley, California in the year 1977, the year that the wearing of automobile seatbelts became law. I have attended a number of different schools and have held a wide variety of jobs, none of which have appropriately prepared me for studying environmental resource engineering at Humboldt State University, which I have just begun attending in January of 2014. I have spent the last three years attending College of The Redwoods at its main campus, south of Eureka. I currently live in Arcata, Californa and attempt to wake up at a reasonably early time so as to let out my chickens. I decided to pursue HSU's engineering program as I would like to have a career that has a positive impact upon the world, and I greatly enjoy problem solving. When I'm not in class or studying for class, I work for a local beverage distributor and spend my remaining spare time sleeping and playing music.