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My name is Javier Hinojosa. I am 18 years old. I am currently a student at Humboldt State University. It is my first year in the university. My current major is Environmental Management and Protection but I became interested in the Environmental Resource Engineering program so I am taking Engineering 115 to see if I should switch my major to ERE.

I am currently taking four classes this spring semester. I am taking Math 115, Engr 115, Music 104, and Art 104I. It is my second semester at HSU. I will be a sophmore Fall 2013. I feel like this semester will be much easier and not as hard on me as the last.I will try to do better this spring. I hope this time I do better in this class.

I enjoy many academic activities. My favorite subjects are history and science. I aways like reading any sort of history so I have lots of knowledge of things that do not usually help me in the real world. Since a child science has always facinated me. I would always watch PBS or the dicovery channel. I would watch programs about physics, animals and any sort of thing that would fill my brain with more knowledge. I also have other hobbies that are not academic. I like playing guitar (even though I am not geat at it), old video games, comics, movies, and legos. I enjoy different kinds of music. My favorite bands are Thrice, Glassjaw, Minus the bear, Black flag, The Mars Volta, and At the drive-in. I have only seen Thrice, Glassjaw, and Minus the bear live.

These are pictures of my hobbies:

If you wish to contact me email me at jh2593@humboldt.edu or call me at (310)920-0412