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I am a Yurok and Karuk American Indian native to Humboldt County, where I attend Humboldt State University as a sophmore. I am pursuing an Environmental Resources Engineering Degree with an minor in Federal Indian Law to one day contribute to the restoration of crucial spawning beds of salmon devastated by harvesting of resources, like the Gold Rush starting in 1850. I am 20 years old, and am heavily influenced by traditional values and have been participating in cultural ceremonies all my life. I have also recieved the Gates Millenium Scholarship. I plan to take my education back to my ancestral territory in hopes in revitalizing the ecological systems there.


I have had experience as an intern with the Klamath Basin Tribal Youth Program, which was a 10 week intership which consisted of an overview of Federal and Tribal watershed/forestry solutions and problems along the basin. The program resulted in a survey conducted by myself and two other interns on the cold water refugias in the Scott's Valley river, and their effects on juvenile coho salmon survival. This survey produced data that was further articulated into a powerpoint presented at HSU.

Looking for more summer internships regarding wildlife/tributary restoration around the Humboldt/Siskiyou County Area.

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