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As a kid i was inspired to wrestle. wrestling was a growing passion starting since the 5th grade up until high school. Chula Vista was famouse for its celebraty graduate/wrestler Mario Lopez. In the city my high school rained on other teams.

Being in the Environmental Resource Engineering(ERE) porgram is justs as interesting as it is hard. At Humboldt State University our students take advantage of our resources that provides great opportunities to excell in the program.



Ivan Romero, from San Diego California enrolled in the ERE program at Humboldt State University. Has exerienved plenty of jobs such as: construction, demolition, landscaping, and handy-man work. Besides labor and school work;sports, outdoor space, and social life personally hold together ones sanity.

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My second home, humboldt state has rubbed off on all of its students, it has created a place for comfort on campus an overall peacefull location to perform scholarly work.