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My name is Jessica Horton and I am a second year college student at Humboldt State University working towards my Bachelors degree in Environmental Resources Engineering and a Geospatial Analysis minor. I have roughly 3 years left in my academic career and plan to acquire internships and summer research jobs relating to my career field. I have an idea of working in professional research jobs in either water or energy fields once I am graduated and working to become a licensed engineer.


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Ventilation Rate Analysis

Population Model (Fortran)

Infinite Series Model (Fortran)

In-Situ Bio-Remediation



ArcMap (GIS)

Abundant Free Food Kiosk (GIS)

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CHEM 109 & 110

GSP 101 & 270

ENGR 115, 210, 215, 225, 280 & 313

BIOL 105

MATH 115, 109, 110, & 210

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Society of Women Engineers