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A common question people ask when they meet somebody is: Where are you from? For many people, they can just name their hometown. However, I'm always conflicted with what to reply. My father is in the navy so I have moved in and out of houses and towns numerous times. I was born in Ichikawa, Japan and lived around the area for seven years. Afterthat, we moved to Florida, California, and in Japan once again. Sasebo, Japan was where I felt most at home because of the great friends I made and the fun and exciting experiences we had with each other. I joined the girl's soccer team my sophomore year and the cross country team my junior year. I am half-Japanese and half-American. I cannot say that I am equally fluent in both languages; however, I am capable of holding a converstaion and understanding most of what Japanese people say to me. I never really had any experience with engineering but I decided on this major because I wanted to learn more of what I don't know. Because I am a fast learner and do well in the subjects of math and science, I decided engineering would be a suitable major and career for me.