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I grew up in Lacey, Washington. I graduated high school from Timberline high school in 2010. Afterwards, I attended a few classes at South Puget Sound Community College. I moved to San Jose California, upon arrival I resumed classes at Evergreen Community College for an additional four years. The summer of 2016 I moved to Humboldt with my girlfriend to attend Humboldt State University. Studying environmental resources engineering.

I intend to focus on renewable energy with the hopes of one day aiding with breaking the world's addiction to fossil fuels. I also hope to find an internship to work on while finishing my studies, preferably related to energy.

Aside from academics, I spent my entire life competitive swimming. From a young age I spent more time training for my sport than adults do with two full time jobs. This lifelong discipline has provided me the skills and determination to work through any task, no matter how challenging it may appear to be.

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