Benjamin Shaeffer's Materials for Review

This page is for the use of those writing evaluative letters for Benjamin Shaeffer's 2012-2013 promotion file for Full Professor. Here's a copy of the letter sent to alumni, which gives particulars about writing--receipt deadline (October 25th, 2012), methods of sending, to whom letters should be addressed, the requirement that letters be signed and dated, etc. Similar requests have been sent to peers and current students.

Personnel policies governing promotion are covered in the Humboldt State University Faculty Handbook's Appendix J. The criteria regarding promotion to full professor are on pages 18-19 of the following .pdf document. Pages 16-18 provide guidance regarding the areas to be assessed.
Faculty Handbook Appendix J

The Philosophy Department's approved Criteria for Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Decisions, as filed on the Academic Personnel Services website. These give specific guidance on what level of accomplishment is expected for each area to be evaluated.

Shaeffer's c.v. Summary

Shaeffer's main web page (which is currently only this page with supporting documents).

Recent Teaching Evaluations

Recent Research and Scholarly Presentations